Unique trip through the Rhodes Jungle

Unique trip through the Jungle of Nikos Papas

An unforgettable day! (and bookable all year round). Nikos Papas is happy to welcome you to his paradise, the Jungle of Rhodes. In a unique way and with infectious enthusiasm, Nikos welcomes you on his territory. His ‘Jungle’ is located near the traditional village of Archangelos. Your children are very welcome on this special day! This Crazy and Sweet Greek man will talk to you in his best English. He speaks a bit German and Italian too. Laughing is healthy; pearls of laughter float through the area.

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All together you walk to the heart of the Jungle - the birthplace of Nikos Papas; your jungle adventure has begun!  The whole days is one big surprise and is with love presented. There is plenty of time to rest. The whole day will take about 5 hours  (2 1/2 km).

Enjoy the Greek Hospitality.

In the beautiful eco-bamboo are small shaded seating areas near the water, some even partly IN (!) the water! What about a short nap in one of the hammocks? Then there is time to eat your sandwich or fruit that you brought along. After your lunch you can float in the small mountain lake; healthy and refreshing! A dream comes true.

Especially in high season this Jungle-day often fully booked.


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